The Placement Journey That Many Of Us Dread!

It was the season of placements in my college. Everything that we learned till then seemed to lead up to this day, or more aptly, these few moments that tested our eligibility to move forward in life, or so we believe. Despite me having convinced myself that this wasn’t the end of my career, I somehow ended up believing that my life would come to an abrupt halt if I failed in getting a placement offer.

Two or three (or four or five?) companies had come and conducted the placement drive and the unique factor that bound them together was that each of them hired only finger-countable number of candidates. I was fortunate to reach till the final round of one of them but wasn’t fortunate enough to get selected. The same thing continued to happen for the other companies as well.

Like everyone else, I also became frustrated and started relying on absurd superstitions, which didn’t seem illogical to me, such as wearing my ‘lucky’ outfit, not getting angry even at those incidents that required me to become angry and most importantly, not informing my parents about the drive being held. (This was done just to not spread my grief to them and certainly not because of the fear of getting chided. In contrary to my notions, they were unbelievably supportive which abashed me on not having told them earlier.)

After a few days, there came this company, XYZ, that offered a special package compared to the prior ones. I may sound bragging a bit but I did experience a somewhat optimistic feeling after I gave my placement aptitude test. The results were published soon and an overwhelming number of candidates had been selected into the next round, namely the Group Discussion (GD) round. Again, I felt a wave of optimism rush through my body. But there, in the midst of it, was hidden a trivial problem. I had to have an idea of what the topic would be based upon. Though I may claim myself to be a regular newspaper reader, I do it just for the sake of pleasing my moral-self and not because of my love for gathering the daily news. And for this reason, I often fail to remember the content.

From that day onwards, I tried reading the newspaper with ‘forced’ interest. Finally, there came the eve of the placement day. I believed that I had a general or atleast a vague idea of all the current affairs. It was then that it struck me, almost pierced my lungs, that I had done nothing for the interview process.

I ran to my sister’s room, pleading to help me by sharing her ‘Computer Science’ notes (because the interview was supposed to be based on that) and I rushed through the logics of various programs in ‘Java’. I went to bed with the least satisfaction regarding my interview preparation but with a strong inclination to participate in the GD. Till around 6 AM the next day, I couldn’t sleep, thanks to my stomach that was growling with excitement to begin the GD session. I quenched its thirst by reminding it of the interview.

This time, I had told my parents about there being an interview that day so that I would get their prayers and support and besides, my grans were there as well. I asked them not to be too loud while sending me off at the gate as it would attract the neighbours to the scene which was the last thing I wanted. ( In case I didn’t get hired, I didn’t wanna get embarrassed in front of them.)

And so I left for the college, wearing my ‘lucky churidhar’ (the formals), with this surprisingly unnatural vivacity. It was the first time that I left for an event before the reporting time.

3 thoughts on “The Placement Journey That Many Of Us Dread!

  1. This issue is very relatable for every engineering student in India. It’s mocked that, “BTech in India is 5 years, with one year of work experience with some IT company along with four years of coursework.” One major positive of placement rush is that, everyone gets a chance to prove to themselves that they are worth being selected for some job. (Whether the job description is that of a graduate or matriculate.) As you have mentioned the stress that many students face is sleep depriving, while at same time makes atleast some aimless ones to start thinking of their future. (“Aimless” doesn’t point to useless or lazy, but just those ones without any idea about themselves:) )

    But to me, something else is the main issue. The academically brilliant ones fall prey to the placement drive( I mentioned prey as they are going to somewhere they will be eaten up or sucked out the life juices.) for they are the ones who always tries to impress themselves. The others just complete the course, and then will search for other prospects that may help them out. Which generally turns out to be far better. This placement stunt, hosted by private firms and supported by the career guidance at academic institutions actually are depriving the cream of a batch what they actually deserve. And moreover to the nation. They could have gone further more into academics ,do some translational research, bring about some changes for the society. The less skilled or less studious ones could have fulfilled their purpose.

    Everyone could have had cookies but it’s cruel that some want cookies that belongs to other, while theirs cookies are wasted.I hate seeing those cookies being wasted and in November 2018, I decided not to be a cookie wrongfully eaten.

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